Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve endeavoured to cover a wide range of frequently asked questions about artificial grass relevant to Africa. If the answer to your question isn’t below, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly through Live Chat or via any means on our Contact page.

What sizes do your rolls come in?

Our rolls comes in widths of 2m by 25m and 4m by 25m. We cut our full rolls* to accommodate your area size.

Is your artificial grass pet-friendly?

Yes, all of our artificial grass options are pet-friendly.

How do I maintain artificial grass?

ZERO to NO MAINTENANCE required. A simple brush up using a hard-bristled broom once a month and a sprinkle of water during the summer season to keep the grass cool (if the grass is placed or installed outdoors). Our Pet Patrol products are available in-store or online to assist when cleaning the grass.

Is artificial grass safe for children to play on?

Yes, all of our grass options are non-toxic and frequently installed for play areas. However, it is advisable that children below the age of 3 years old be supervised.

Does Artificial grass lose its colour overtime?

The colour of the grass will not fade as it is UV resistant. Our products carry a UV & Manufacturing Warranty of up to 10 years.

What type of installation will I need?

If you have any ready to lay surface such as cement/paving, you will require a cut and paste installation where the grass is simply cut to size and glued using an adhesive. Should your area be existing grass, soil or sand, you will require a drainage system. This will entail removal of grass and installation of a sub-base to allow for drainage.

What is the lifespan of Artificial grass?

When artificial grass is well taken care of it can last well over 10 years.